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Toyota hilux D4d comfort leaf springs

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Toyota hilux D4d comfort leaf springs

  • Precision mandrel & die-formed
  • Oil quenched, hardened & tempered for maximum life.
  • Military wrap for safety
  • Accurately heat-treated
  • Manufactured from high grade spring steel
  • Anti-friction pads in most applications
  • Pre-stressed to maintain ride height
  • Diamond cut ends
  • Load rate tested

The leaf springs gives a estimated lift of 40mm.

Longer shocks and longer U-bolts  must be fitted on the vehicle at the rear, standard length are not long enough


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Designed in Australia, Tough Dog leaf springs offer a spring pack for just about any application you might require. Our springs are a proven performer in any situation.

Tough Dog leaf springs are a truly progressive rate leaf spring. Each leaf is set slightly higher than the leaf above so there is contact along the whole length of each leaf. There are single stage and two stage springs available for different applications. Primary and secondary stage leaves ensure that the vehicle€™s ride remains uncompromised. As the spring is compressed under load, the heavier second stage leaves come into play to prevent excessive sag & remove high stresses from the primary stage.

Please note longer shocks, bush kit and U-bolts are needed for this upgrade standard suspension won’t work on this upgrade. Estimated lift 40mm.

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