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Toyota hilux 2005 onwards 40mm liftkit (4×2 only)

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Toyota hilux 2005 onwards 40mm liftkit (4×2 only)

Type of material used:


Front strut spacers: Aluminum

Front bumpstop extensions: Welded mild steel

Rear block spacers: Aluminum

Shock extensions: Welded mild steel

U-bolts: Stretch steel


Give your vehicle more ground clearance and a better look



Toyota Hilux 2005 onwards 40mm liftkit 4×2 only. The kit consists of:


2x 40mm aluminum strut spacers that lifts a estimated 65mm to 70mm

2x 23mm Welded steel bumpstop extensions

2x 50mm aluminum block spacers

4x Extended U-bolts

2x Welded steel shock extensions ( Applicable to standard length shocks)


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