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Toughdog Upper Control Arms Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

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Toughdog Upper Control Arms Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series

When an IFS vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the original caster and camber specifications are pushed outside the acceptable limit. The vehicle loses caster which makes the steering vague, and positive camber is introduced, which

contributes to uneven and accelerated tyre wear.

The Tough Dog UCAs are fixed length and position arms, which guards against the alignment being knocked out of specification by a solid off-road hit.

Tough Dog Upper Control arms can help get the maximum performance and lifespan from your suspension and steering components.


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  • High Strength Chromoly Ball Joints
  • Heavy Duty, High Flex Bushings
  • 1020 Grade forged housings
  • Up to +3.5 degrees positive Caster (lift height dependant)
  • Tube design gives increased clearance
  • Positions for factory mounting of brake ad ABS lines
  • Improves steering feel and response

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