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Isuzu 2013 onwards camil suspension upgrade

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Isuzu 2013 onwards camil suspension upgrade

  • Camil Shock and Coil to assist the standard leaf springs
  • Incredible improvement in ride comfort.
  • Improved load carrying ability.
  • Safety Improvements €“ Stability, handling and braking.
  • Automatically lifts the vehicle.
  • Left and right side of vehicle can be levelled with adjusters or loading ability can be increased.
  • Eliminates the bounce of the standard suspension.
  • Excellent for towing, loading and normal driving.
  • Extend the suspension, shock & tyre life.
  • Bolt-on fitment on existing shock mountings.
  • Extremely cost effective.
  • You owe it to yourself €“ experience it!


  • No more €œdrop chin€ bakkies.+/- 30mm more ground clearance on front suspension.
  • Front bouncing and diving are gone.
  • Exceptional gravel €“ road stability.
  • Improved off road ability.
  • Improved stability at high speed.
  • Increased downward pressure on the wheel due to the position of the shock coil assembly compared to any torsion bar.
  • Reduced maintenance on front suspension.
  • Increased front axle loads.
  • Radical tow stability improvement.
  • Limited body roll.
  • Eliminate uneven tyre wear.
  • Dealer or DIY installation.

Front and rear can be purchased separately

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