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Ford raptor 2020 firestone air spring helper kit

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Ford raptor 2020 firestone air spring helper kit

  • Eliminate Squat. Is the rear end of your vehicle sitting low from a heavy load? …
  • Reduce Poor Braking and Steering. …
  • Eliminate Poor Headlight Aim. …
  • Reduce Trailer Sway. …
  • Eliminate Rough Ride. …
  • Reduce Body Roll. …
  • Eliminate Bottoming Out.


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Firestone air spring helper kit applicable to ford raptor. The kit includes:


2x Top brackets.

2x Bottom brackets

Various air fittings

2x air springs

6m hose


Bolts, nuts, washers and small diff/bottom bracket u-bolts. Excellent to use if you are towing or loading too much and you want to level out the vehicle. It reduces body roll and advances rear axle articulation. Purchase this kit and get free fitment.

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